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Full & Partial Dentures from Dentist in Banff

For cases of partial or total tooth loss, your dentist in Banff offers full and partial dentures. These prosthetic teeth are attached to a gum-colored base, and they make a wonderful replacement for your natural smile, restoring your ability to eat and speak with full confidence. Learn more about dentures from Banff Dentistry, then schedule an appointment for quality tooth replacement today.

Dentures: An Overview

Dentures been a trusted tooth replacement for centuries, closely mimicking the appearance and function of natural smiles. A partial denture replaces teeth when there is at least one healthy natural tooth remaining in the gum line. Retained by clips or brackets, the partial denture fits in like a missing puzzle piece. For cases of total tooth loss, a complete denture is held in place using natural suction. A denture adhesive can provide additional stability.

Your dentist creates new dentures using impressions, x-rays, and photos of your mouth and any existing natural teeth. Your full or partial denture is manufactured from plastic according to your specific measurements. About two weeks later, you come back to our office for a final quality check.

Getting used to a denture takes some time. Many patients experience excess saliva production at first. Wear your new teeth as directed to speed through the initial adjustment phase. Eat softer foods in small bites at first, and practice reading aloud to get used to speaking with a denture.

Are Dentures Right for You?

Traditional, non-implant retained dentures are a fast, economical way to complete your smile. They are a good option for people who need their new teeth quickly, for whom cost is a big concern, or for those who are not eligible for dental implants.

Dental implants offer superior tooth replacement that lasts longer and promotes oral health after tooth loss. A full or partial denture can be supported by dental implants. Discuss your candidacy for the tooth replacement with your dentist.

Taking Care of Your New Denture

  • To ensure that your new teeth stay whole and function properly, your denture requires some special maintenance.
  • Brush your denture at least once a day. Use a mild hand soap or denture cleanser to prevent scratching or dulling the denture material.
  • Avoid tooth decay and keep your gums healthy by brushing your natural teeth or cleaning your gums at least twice daily.
  • Rinse your denture after each meal.
  • Never use hot water with your denture, as extreme temperatures could cause it to warp.
  • Soak your denture overnight while you sleep.
  • Get in touch with your dentist if your denture becomes loose or uncomfortable.
  • Non-implant retained dentures require periodic adjustments as the jawbone gradually loses volume due to the tooth loss. When cared for properly, your tooth replacement will remain stable for six or seven years before replacement or a reline is required.

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If you need new dentures or are looking for a dentist to provide superior denture maintenance, please get in touch with Banff Dentistry. Schedule an appointment online today!


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