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Clearline Ortho

Are you looking to improve your crooked, crowded, or gapped teeth? There is a clear solution in Clearline Ortho. It is a clear braces system for adults and older teens — or a subtle way to achieve straighter teeth and a more confident smile. How do clear braces work? And what is the process like for Clearline? Let’s take a closer look at the cosmetic option available from Dr. Sajjad at Banff Dentistry.

How Do Clear Braces Work?

Clearline uses a series of clear, plastic aligners to gradually shift the teeth into proper alignment. The trays place focused pressure on different parts of the your teeth throughout treatment, with each one moving teeth approximately 0.3 mm in linear motion, and three to four degrees in rotation.

To improve the alignment of your teeth with Clearline, your dentist will begin by taking impressions and photos of your dentition. A plan will be put in place according to your specific needs, and all of your treatment information is sent to the Clearline lab.

As you begin treatment, you wear each tray for two to three weeks before advancing to the next in the system. Remove the trays to eat, brush, and floss, making sure you wear them for 20 to 22 hours each day. You should brush and rinse your teeth before reinserting the trays to prevent plaque and tartar buildup. After treatment is complete retainers will be needed to maintain alignment of your teeth.

How Does Clearline Compare to Traditional Braces?

Clear braces and metal braces both produce the similar result — straight teeth and a well-aligned bite. But the patient’s experience with Clearline is completely different. Most notably, clear aligners are practically invisible, so you can continue to smile with full confidence during treatment.

While traditional braces are securely affixed to the teeth, Clearline trays are removable and tooth coloured temporary attachments are bonded to the tooth. Conventional braces require changes in diet, as patients are advised to completely eliminate certain hard, crunchy foods throughout treatment. With Clearline, however, you simply slip the trays out before meals and snacks and continue eating the foods you love.

Removability also makes for easy brushing and flossing throughout treatment. Traditional braces create barriers to proper dental hygiene, increasing the patient’s risk of developing cavities or gum disease.

Patients find Clearline to be a more convenient alternative to traditional braces, too. Fewer checkups are needed throughout treatment, and you will never need to schedule an emergency appointment for a popped off bracket or wire.

Am I a Candidate for Clearline Ortho?

Are you wondering whether or not clear braces are an option for you? Schedule an appointment with Banff Dentistry to discuss the treatment. The clear braces system fixes the same orthodontic issues that are treated with traditional braces, including crowded and gapped teeth as well as overbite, underbite, and crossbite. We will discuss your issues and determine the best course of action for your smile. This service is provided by General Dentists in Banff Dentistry.


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