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Dentist in Banff Offers Dental Sealants to Protect Against Plaque

The premolars and molars are covered in an irregular surface that can make it easy for left-behind food particles to build up and produce the acids and bacteria that lead to decay. If only there were something we could do — but there is! Your dentist in Banff is prepared to fight against cavities with dental sealants, clear plastic coverings that shield the back teeth from tooth decay and infection. Patients of all ages can reap the rewards of added cavity prevention, but children especially benefit from dental sealants.

What Are Dental Sealants?

You may have had dental sealants at some point when you were a child — but if so, you are unlikely to remember the procedure. That’s because sealants are applied quickly and painlessly, and once they are on the teeth, each sealant is invisible. Dental sealants are thin, plastic coatings that are painted directly onto the surface of the tooth, then dried under a special light.

Why Are Dental Sealants Important?

The molars and premolars are difficult to properly clean — especially for sweets-loving children, whose dental hygiene habits are still developing. When food particles and bacteria are left behind after a lazy brushing or flossing job, they quickly combine with the bacteria that’s naturally present in your mouth. That combination creates acids that weaken the tooth enamel and eventually cause cavities.

Dr. Sajjad work to help all of our patients steer clear of cavities, and preventing tooth decay is especially important for children. Young patients may be more fearful of or sensitive to dental work — and even though they eventually lose their baby teeth, we want to do everything we can to keep their smiles as healthy as possible at every stage.

The benefits of dental sealants include…

  • A painless, nonsurgical treatment
  • Completed within minutes at the end of a regular checkup and cleaning
  • Invisible once dry
  • Provide years of protection against cavities
  • Available during the most cavity-prone stages of childhood
  • Affordable prevention

How Are Dental Sealants Applied?

Dental sealants must be applied on a completely dry surface to work properly. Your dentist or skilled dental hygienist will clean and dry the enamel of the molar/premolar, then surround it with cotton to prevent any moisture from getting on the tooth. Then, a gel is applied to the surface of the tooth to roughen it up — that makes it easier for the sealant to grab on. After the gel has been applied, the sealant is painted onto the pits and fissures of the back tooth. A high-powered light dries the sealant in a matter of minutes — the whole process takes just about five minutes for each molar/premolar.

Schedule an Appointment Today!

Dental sealants can be applied at the end of a checkup and cleaning at Banff Dentistry. If you are especially at risk of tooth decay, or if your child has never had the preventive treatment, now is a great time to get dental sealants. Schedule an appointment for a checkup and cleaning with your dentist today.


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